Simple Ways to Slow Down

Simple Ways to Slow Down

In our fast-paced, modern world we believe it's more important that ever to embrace moments of slowness to create space in your everyday life for connection, intention, and play. Here are some of our favorite ways to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

  1. write down 3 things you are grateful for each day
  2. take a bath
  3. cook a meal from scratch
  4. go for a walk
  5. look up at the moon
  6. journal about something that's been on your mind
  7. visit your local farmer's market
  8. write a poem
  9. read a poem
  10. go to a museum alone or with a friend
  11. plant something 
  12. have a glass of wine or a warm
  13. cup of tea
  14. bake bread
  15. make pasta from scratch
  16. light a candle
  17. do 5 minutes of organic movement or stretching
  18. take a few deep breaths
  19. paint or draw a picture
  20. re-read a chapter of your favorite book 
  21. go for a bike ride
  22. watch the sunrise
  23. take a nap
  24. take another nap
  25. write someone a thank you letter
  26. make coffee with a french press instead of an automatic machine
  27. heat your food on the stove or in a toaster rather than the microwave
  28. take the slower, scenic route 
  29. refill your old candle votives
  30. hand-dip your own tapers
  31. disconnect from technology for an hour (at least!)
  32. make a photo or scrap book
  33. wash your dishes by hand
  34. read before bed instead of using your phone
  35. moisturize your body with natural herbal oils
  36. do nothing


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