Flora y Alma

Discover our FLORA y ALMA collection, inspired by all things poetry, romance, and softness. Featuring everything from delicate petal shapes to bold hammered cuffs, this collection defines femininity as the merging of strength and softness.

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Sense fully, live slowly

AVILLA is an offering of handcrafted jewelry and curated treasures honoring the natural world. Rooted in slow, poetic living.

Each piece from AVILLA is a tangible reminder to live with intention, to embrace the art of the everyday.

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Everything at AVILLA centered around the idea of grounding—getting back to nature and its simplicity.

In our jewelry, our use of metals in their pure form allows a patina and a story to form with wear— a reminder of the beauty of aging, of that which is unmanipulated, raw. We love mixing our signature, hand-textured metal with artisan beads from around the world, chosen for their organic textures, shapes and hues.

In our found goods, we gravitate toward earthy colors and natural materials. Pieces that show a sense of craftsmanship and connection to the natural world--each piece, a poetic addition to your wardrobe or home.

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