Introducing the PIEDRA Collection

The PIEDRA collection: An ode to stone

I'm so happy to share my third collection with you. I honed-in on a few stones I've always been drawn to, mostly from seeing them used in ancient jewelry in museum exhibits over the course of my life -- agate, quartz, jadeite, and bauxite. The collection is a dreamy blend of ancient and modern trade beads as well as vintage beads from small collectors paired with simple, hammered brass components. Each piece is formed by hand by me in my Los Angeles studio. Thanks for visiting.



PIEDRA earrings

with brown jade

SEDONA necklace

with ancient quartz

And an ode to the west

Inspired by travels through the southwestern US-- Sedona, Tucson, the Mojave and beyond. A love letter to these landscapes -- the soothing muted color palette, the beauty of the intense desert heat, flora and fauna that speak to the soul, rock formations that expand for miles into the horizon. Road trips through the southwest calm our busy minds and fill our creative cups. PIEDRA is an ode to being under its spell.