From the Garden~ Hydrating Herbal Summer Tea

One of our favorite things about summer is soaking up all of the seemingly endless hours of sunshine, which means we also need to stay extra hydrated. We love making and drinking cold herbal teas to stay cool throughout these delightfully long days. For this tea, we used herbs we already had on hand. Feel free to play with different hydrating herbs. The possibilities are endless. We are all about starting with what you already have!

Herbal Iced Tea Recipe

a few springs of fresh rosemary

a handful of fresh mint

2 tbsps dried hibiscus

juice of one lemon

~ steep in boiling water as little or as long as you like (we did ten minutes

~ optional ~ the hibiscus can be a bit tart , so we like to add organic, local honey or agave to taste

~refrigerate or let it cool and add ice

~ enjoy in the sun in your favorite vintage cup (you can shop our newest vintage teacup and saucer set below)


We hope take a moment to pause and enjoy this refreshing herbal sometime soon! Let us know in the comments below what you think. Shop more of our vintage and found home collection below.

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